Profile Cutting

CNC profile cutting of high definition shapes to your specifications. From simple rack and profiled stilage protection to sensitive and high impact protection for local and export supports. 

Strip Cutting

Strip cutting of various types of foams, felts and rubbers with or without pressure sensitive adhesive used in a multitude of applications in a broad spectrum of Industry.


The majority of our raw materials is procured in 50-100mm blocks or buns. Our splitting process, often referred to as skiving, offers precision cuts in various thicknesses as required.

Band Saw

DynaFoam’s several band saws provide a versatile ability to meet your need, producing consistent clean-cut edges with the high-speed moving table band saws.

Die Cutting

Our numerous automated presses enable us to shear through low-strength materials with precision and consistency, supplying various die cuts which are accurately pressed by tooling supplied to your dimensions and specifications.

Adhesive Lamination

Our adhesive lamination process can be applied to all our foams, felts and rubbers. The lamination is controlled by specified pressures depending on the substrate to ensure the maximum effect and penetration of adhesive.

Kiss and Cross Cutting

This is a form of die cutting is quite unique, high speed kiss cutting machines that cut the perimeter of the materials adhesive backing without compromising the laminated silicon paper and removing the waste element, commonly known as “weeding” give us the ability to supply your die cut requirements on continuous rolls.