BBBEE Level 2



10 Years of World Class Service

BBBEE Level 2 Contributor - 51% Black Owned

As per our commitment to our suppliers, T1 and OE customer base to meet the new code requirements of at least Level 4 by 3rd Quarter 2019, we are pleased to announce that we have exceeded our commitment and over and above the Share Sale Agreement, we have relinquished further control of the company to a Black Fund, thus achieving a Level 2 BBBEE status as a 51% Black owned company.


Environmental Policy Statement


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Top 20 South African Small Business Award 2019

ROCCI x FNB Business of the Year 2018/19

Top 40 National Gazelle

What does it mean to be a National Gazelle?

“The National Gazelles represent the leading edge of South Africa’s SME community and are deserving of national support for their job creation, innovation competitiveness and re-invigoration of key industry sectors.”